Published Articles



This page contains details of articles published under the FEMTOSPIN project.

  • Highly efficient all-optical switching of magnetization in GdFeCo microstructures by interference-enhanced absorption of light. Physical Review B, 86, 140404(R) (2012) (read more).
  • Terahertz spin current pulses controlled by magnetic heterostructures. Nature Nanotechnology, 8, 256-260 (2013) (read more).
  • Non-equilibrium magnetic interactions in strongly correlated systems. Annals of Physics, 333, 221-271 (2013) (read more).
  • Ab-initio theory of electron-phonon mediated ultrafast spin relaxation of laser-excited hot electrons in transition-metal ferromagnets. Physical Review B, 87, 184425 (2013) (read more).
  • Two-magnon bound state causes ultrafast thermally induced switching. Nature Scientific Reports3, 3262 (2013) (read more).
  • Orbiral-resolved spin model for thermal magnetization switching in rare-earth-based ferrimagnets. Physical Review B, 88, 020406 (R) (2013) (read more).
  • Quantum theory of the inverse Faraday effect. Physical Review B, 89, 014413 (2014) (read more).
  • Quantitative Characterization of Nanoscale Polycrystalline Magnets with Electron Magnetic Circular Dichroism. Nature Communications, 5, 3138 (2014) (read more).