The University of York

York has become one of the top ten universities in the UK for teaching and research and was voted University of the year in 2010. The Condensed Matter Theory group of the University of York Physics Department consists of 8 members of academic staff, 6 postdoctoral researchers and 21 postgraduate students. In ultrafast magnetism we have world leading expertise in computational modelling of laser-induced magnetic processes coupled with spin transport calculations. The work is supported by extensive in-house computer facilities.

Role in the Network

The University of York (UY) will provide the coordination of the project and contribute its unique expertise in the modelling of spin systems. In particular we will contribute novel approaches to the development of spin models linking to electronic level properties without the phenomenological damping term which is necessary for current models. UY will work closely with the member institutions to create the necessary links between the ab-initio and atomistic spin models and  to develop the links to mesoscopic models.

Members Involved in Femtospin

Prof. Dr. Roy Chantrell

Email: roy.chantrell@york.ac.uk

Dr. Irene D'Amico

Email: irene.damico@york.ac.uk

Dr. Richard Evans

Email: richard.evans@york.ac.uk

Mr. James McHugh

Email: jgm511@york.ac.uk

Publications Relevant to the Project

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K. Vahaplar et al. Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 117201 (2009) (read more).

I. Radu et al. Nature 472, 205-208 (2011) (read more).

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