Uppsala University, Department of Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University is a strong research environment in several areas of physics, particularly photoelectron and x-ray spectroscopy and advanced computational modelling. The Natural Science Faculty of Uppsala University is ranked No. 53 worldwide. Uppsala is also the oldest university in Scandinavia, founded in 1477, with a historical tradition in high-level education. The group of Prof. Peter Oppeneer has a strong expertise in the ab- initio theory of femtosecond magneto-optics, theory development for all-optical demagnetisation, superdiffusive spin-transport, and ab initio electronic structure theory.


Role in the Network

UU will contribute significantly to theory development for intense light-matter interactions at the atto- to femto-second timescale, theory for the inverse Faraday effect, and theory for ultrafast energy and spin transfer channels in laser-induced demagnetization. UU will contribute to providing ab- initio parameters for atomistic and multiscale treatments of spin dynamics simulations, and provide materials specific theory for fs x-ray spectroscopies.

Members Involved in Femtospin

Prof. Dr. Peter Oppeneer

Dr. Jan Rusz

Dr. Karel Carva


Publications Relevant to the Project

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