Queen's University Belfast

ANSIN is new in the magnetic recording landscape. In summer 2010 Seagate Technology (Ireland) established ANSIN ( at Queen's University of Belfast. Their vision was two fold

1. ANSIN would act as a hub for future collaborations between the academic community and Seagate’s R&D efforts at their Springtown manufacturing site and

2. ANSIN would begin to develop further non-competitive collaborations in areas outside data storage so developing a synergistic advanced materials activity in Northern Ireland, but with national and international reach, aligned to Seagate Technology.

To establish ANSIN Seagate Technology provided €8.5M of state of the art magnetics process and characterisation equipment from their facilities in Springtown, Normandale and the closed Pittsburgh R&D Centre. In addition they provided €300K business development funding to underpin the expansion of ANSIN. Then, as founding partner, Seagate supported a €2M project for materials for read/write heads in magnetic data recording; a wide spectrum of single, alloyed and layered ferromagnetic, antiferromagnetic etc. systems are under investigation.


Role in the Network

ANSIN is in the unique position to assist the FEMTOSPIN consortia fulfil a very important requirement of the femtospin project to 'validate the models against experimental results for realistic industrial applications'. Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) will lead the provision of samples to the consortium.

Members Involved in Femtospin

Prof. Dr. Robert Bowman


Colin Forbes



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